In Case You Wondered

Indeed, I got nothing to say.

Sure, I could write a bit about the sexual abuse in the Catholic Church. But what’s the point? Everybody knows it’s wrong, and that the perpetrators should be brought to justice, as well as those higher up in the ecclesiastical hierarchy if they knew about it and did nothing but trying to make it go away. Whether that’s just a bishop or the pope, I don’t care. You don’t get to claim moral superiority and then behave in an completely immoral by covering up sexual abuse.

Of course, I could tell you a bit about my first month on the new job, but there’s nothing much to say about that either. I survived my contractual trail period, the first code I did is live, I’ve been told that everybody thinks I’m awesome (and why wouldn’t they?), so all is well.

So, ehm, basically, I got nothing. Which is okay too, I guess.