#101: Getting Out

While going over my list of 100 Things, I noticed that by completing number 69 (run Linux as primary operating system on every computer I own) I rendered number 21 (find free/open source alternatives for all unlicensed programs on my PC) moot. So I came up with a new one:

101: Officially defect from the Roman Catholic Church.

My reasons for that are quite simple: while I once went the whole nice catholic yards, by now I’m only catholic in the strictest technical way imaginable. For all intents and purposes I’m a atheist, I don’t consider myself to be catholic, I don’t believe any of the stuff a catholic is supposed to believe in, and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. So there’s no need for me to show up in their statistics.

And two: my sister sorta kinda double-dared me.

I know: defecting from an organization I don’t consider myself a member of is nonsensical at best. And since the catholic church is a bit like the mob—once that you’re baptized, you’re in for all eternity—it’s pretty futile too. Ah, well. Sometimes life is about doing nonsensical and futile things just for the hell of it.

Now, all I have to do is to find out exactly who I’ll have to send my resignation letter to—the information I have found about defecting isn’t entirely clear on that point—and start writing.