Let It Be

There was a question in my mailbox about the where and when of Meat Loaf’s cover of “Let It Be.” According to the liner notes of the “Not a Dry Eye in the House” single, it was recorded for ABC’s Nightline. But as anyone who knows how to string a few keywords together would have found that out sooner or later, I started to dig deeper. I didn’t find much: apparently, Nightline had a Beatles tribute in 1995, and mr. Loaf played at least two songs (“Let It Be” and “Come Together”).

And then there was this other thing I found.

Whatever permutation of the keywords “Meat Loaf Nightline Beatles 1995” I fed to Google, numerous sites popped up showing roughly the same excerpts about Brian Wilson saying the same thing too on a 1995 Nightline Beatles tribute.

Apparently, someone likes the Beatles so much that he or she copies (roughly) the same reply over and over and over again on various websites where people confess that they don’t unquestioningly adore the Beatles. (Disclaimer: I don’t get the Beatles. I recognize that they were a very important band, but their music does next to nothing for me. I mean, Na na nana na, hey Jude, na na na nana? Yougottabefuckinkiddingme!)

I find this fascinating. And this, and nothing less… THIS is why I love the internet.