What I’ve Been Playing (2)

There are three books I’ve read recently waiting to be reviewed, but I got no inspiration. So here’s an easy post: the quarterly update of what I’ve been listening to.


  1. Meat Loaf (162)
  2. Dio (79)
  3. Melissa Etheridge (73)
  4. Dusty Springfield (67)
  5. Prince (66)
  6. a balladeer (64)
  7. Bruce Springsteen (60)
  8. Bløf (58)
  9. Tanz der Vampire (57)
  10. Mika (52)

Again, no songs list: the entire top ten is made of songs from Meat Loaf’s Hang Cool Teddy bear. The first song from another artist is The Artist at that Time Known as the Artist Formerly Known as Prince’s “Gold.”

Hat tip to Lucien for the reminder, and to Last.FM for keeping track of the stats.