Meat Loaf in Slagharen

Because some people got the crazy idea that I’m some kind of computer whizkid, people sometimes ask me if I can do something for them. Truth be told, as long as those damn things just work I can usually persuade them to do my bidding, but when they don’t, well, damn them straight to damnation. A couple of months ago someone asked me if I could make a copy a bootleg from cassette to CD. Since I got the right equipment and toying with audio is something I quite enjoy, that was no problem whatsoever.

Back in the late 1980s, before his glorious 1993 comeback, Meat Loaf was touring all kinds of small clubs and venues all over the world. Like De Bonte Wever in Slagharen, a village in the east of The Netherlands. On May 13, 1989 he played a typical set for that era, which you can download below.

(download expired)

(For the nerdy people who want to know more about this new, fancy download-button thingy I cooked up—that is supposed to force downloads and enforce an expiry date, which happens to be August 1st in this particular case—I’ll give you the details in a later post.)