Monthly Archives: August 2010

First Lines: Peter Pan

One night, Peter Pan came and took Wendy and her brothers to the Neverland. There they had many grand adventures with Lost Boys, mermaids, redskins, a ticking crocodile and pirates, before safely returning home. If you know the Disney movie, you know what happens. What you should of course realize is that J.M. Barrie’s Peter… Read more »

First Lines: Spirits of the Dead

Spirits of the Dead: Tales and Poems would have been significantly improved if its editors, in their inestimable wisdom, had put the story Mellonta Tauta at the very front of this collection of poems and tales of Edgar Allen Poe. You see, this story starts with an all too perfect description of this volume’s contents:… Read more »

Citaat van de dag

Uit de krant van wakker Nederland: Blogger en internetjournalist Bert Brussen is woensdag als verdachte verhoord voor opruiing en bedreiging van PVV-voorman Geert Wilders. Brussen plaatste in maart van dit jaar een tweet van iemand anders op zijn site waarin Wilders bedreigd werd. Wilders deed daarop aangifte, zo lieten het Openbaar Ministerie (OM) en de… Read more »

First Lines: Mort

The further I travel into the Discworld—that disc-shaped world atop four ginormous elephants standing on the back of the Great A’Tuin, the World Turtle, who swims through the immeasurable vastness of space—the more I want to know what else is going on there. In Mort Mort turns out to be as fit for the family… Read more »

First Lines: American Gods

For thousands of years all kinds of people have been crossing the Atlantic Ocean from the old countries to the new world. And more often than not, they took their gods with them. And as it turns out, America is not a good place for gods. The old people don’t need their old gods anymore,… Read more »