Story Time

Once upon a time there was a boy who took his bike when the working day day was over and arrived home fifteen minutes later. Then out of the great nothing, all of a sudden Change came and upset the natural order of things in the universe. After the ravages were somewhat cleared, some of the changes became somewhat clear. He found that, despite working less hours a week, he had to get up 15 minutes earlier in the morning to arrive at work 30 minutes later than he was used to. And while his working day still roughly ended around the same time, he now had to travel approximately an hour to get home. It’s not that he minded the journey: a 35 minute train ride provided more reading time. Everything seemed have settled into an alternative normality.

After a few weeks, the boy started to notice a new pattern: about halfway through the journey home, he always seemed to feel an irresistible urge to doze off. And when he got home, he usually dropped his bag, went out for groceries, prepared diner and ate it, cleaned the dishes, and then dropped himself down in front of the picture or webtubes box. More often than not, it seemed that he had lost his drive to tell the world about his day, or about things he thought the world ought to know. But then again, the world seemed not to be bothered by that.

Later still and without any apparent reason, it was as if the boy got struck by lightning. He suddenly realized that although that the world didn’t seem to care that it received little or no news from him, it was quite another thing to sit back and let it all be. Upon some reflection he decided that not sharing his insights was nothing less than a terrible sin and very unbecoming. This, he resolved, this just won’t do and it has got to change. From that moment on, we would once again try to tell the world what it needs to hear. If the world doesn’t want to hear it, well, too bad, ’cause he would tell it anyway.

Whether or not the boy lived happily ever after is another story.