Dutch politics are a total mess. Lately they’ve been trying to form some unholy alliance of a supposedly liberal party that leans to the right (VVD) and mainstream Christian democrats (CDA). Since that combination didn’t have a majority, they needed other parties to support them. The blasphemous construct for that was called gedoogsteun, which basically means that a party that will take no responsibilities whatsoever will tolerate this minority government in exchange for some of their ideas. Such support was to had from Geert Wilders’ Freedom Party PVV. (Which, of course, is a bit of a euphemism.) As I don’t see such a coalition with a bunch somewhat radical, right wing islamophobes tacked on being very stable, I’m Wasn’t too concerned.

Then they (supposedly) drafted the support of the scary bible thumpers of the SGP—a party that openly strives to turn this lovely country in a theocracy and that has all kinds of issues with women—in exchanges for a moratorium on medical ethical issues like euthanasia and abortion I was incensed enough to fire off some tweets, but it didn’t really get a rouse out of me. I mean, sure, like the PVV they might oppose islam, but their reasons are quite different. Surely they can’t be so daft that they don’t realize that Wilders’ anti-islam policies can only be achieved by reducing the freedom of religion they so treasure.

And then, last friday the internal struggles of the CDA led to the end of the negotiations between VVD, CDA and PVV. Now that the most prominent dissident has resigned, it’s probably just a matter of time before they resurrect this beast like Lazarus from the pit. Still, I’m not that interested.

I’m all zen-like: life’s unfair and getting mad and snarky isn’t going to solve anything, is it? Some scoundrel steals my bike, and I’m, like, whatever.

I must be losing my edge.