Monthly Archives: September 2010

Citaat van de dag

Boris van der Ham (D66) op Twitter: D66, VVD, PvdA, SP en GL hebben wetsvoorstel ingediend zodat leraren niet meer op geaardheid kunnen worden ontslagen Het einde van de enkele feit constructie is in zicht. Hoezee.


Dutch politics are a total mess. Lately they’ve been trying to form some unholy alliance of a supposedly liberal party that leans to the right (VVD) and mainstream Christian democrats (CDA). Since that combination didn’t have a majority, they needed other parties to support them. The blasphemous construct for that was called gedoogsteun, which basically… Read more »

What I’ve Been Listening To (3)

2010 is already three fourths done. Dang, that went fast. Here are some more stats concerning my listening habits of the last quarter. Alice Cooper (103 plays) Porcupine Tree (89) a balladeer (80) Bruce Springsteen (72) Rush (67) Carole King (66) Meat Loaf (65) Hanson (60) mr. a balladeer (51) Daniël Lohues (50) Alice Cooper… Read more »

Why Horoscopes Are Crap

Week 35 has not been my most favorite week of the year. All week I’ve been struggling against a cold and something that borders on a very mild flu. On top of that, I spend half of my working week in meetings. Or rather, several parts of the same meeting. Four o’clock this afternoon, I’ve… Read more »

Story Time

Once upon a time there was a boy who took his bike when the working day day was over and arrived home fifteen minutes later. Then out of the great nothing, all of a sudden Change came and upset the natural order of things in the universe. After the ravages were somewhat cleared, some of… Read more »