Talk, Talk, Talk

This week I spent quite some time sitting on my ass and listening to other people talk.

On thursday and friday I attended Fronteers 2010, a conference on all kinds of geeky front-end web-stuffs in perhaps the poshest cinema of The Netherlands. Since this was my first conference in, like, forever, I went in not knowing what to expect. And it was awesome. I especially enjoyed the talks by Jeremy Keith (The design of HTML5), Robert Nyman (javascript), Jake Archibald (reusable code), Paul Irish (even more html5) and Chris Heilmann on why people who make stuff for the web are awesome. Get excited and make stuff. Awesomesauce.

Saturday I sat in church all day. GroenLinks organized a conference on freedom of religion. It was interesting, but nothing to write home about really.

And this afternoon I went to the first meeting of Studium Generale Amersfoort, where Govert Schilling gave a lecture on the evolving universe. It was an interesting talk and a perfect way to spend a sunday afternoon.