Chapter 28 of Stephen King’s Big Driver (the second novella in Full Dark, No Stars) starts of believable enough:

But when [Tess] was in her office with her computer booted up, she only stared at the Apple welcome screen for the first five minutes …

but a little while later, she

… exited YouTube, Binged Richard Widmark, and found what she expected …

Yes, you read that right. She Binged Richard Widmark. But all right, I am willing to accept that in the fictional universe of the story is a search engine that people, even those using a Mac, actually use.

And then Tess needs to find some details on another person. So:

She googled Ramona Norville, got forty-four thousand hits, added Chicopee, and got a more managable twelve hundred (although even most of those, she knew, would be coincidental dreck).

And I was all like, Stephen Edwin King, take me to your dealer, cause I wanna know what kinda crack you are on. I mean, seriously. Having a character use is stretching it, but when you have her switching search engines, you clearly haven’t been using the internets enough.

Right up to this point I was in the zone, and totally down with what happened. This just yanked me right out of there. Disbelief can only be suspended this much, you know?