Checking the List

The last list in my annual last list of the year was the to-do list for 2010. Now that the year’s nearly over, it’s time to check the score.

Find a new job. Stat.
Check. On March 1st I started at, and I’m having lots of fun.

Cross off at least 6 items of my 100 things list.
Sorta kinda close enough. As you might have expected, I’ve been keeping a list, and this is what’s on it:

One might quibble if those partially completed tasks should actually count towards this goal, but since I make up the rules as I go along, I say they do. So that’s 5 out of 6, with another one nearing completion (#15), which isn’t bad.

For the past 27 months I’ve seen at least one concert or play or something each month. Let’s see if I can keep up with that schedule for another 12 months.
Check. 39 months and counting.