First Lines: God is Dead

It took two-thousand years, but finally God came back to earth. Only it wasn’t quite a success:

And then a strange thing happened: nothing. Gradually we came to realize that the sun still rose in the morning and set at night, the tide still came in and went out on schedule, and we and everyone we knew (for the most part) were still alive and breathing. Talking heads and self-declared experts offered any number of theories, but the gist of it, intuited by most people, was this: God had created the universe and set it spinning, but it would continue chugging along despite the fact that he was no longer around to keep things tidy.
People emerged from their hiding places and got back to their lives. (…) For a while the only noticeable change was the absolute lack of anything to do on Sundays

And after some kind of normalcy has settled in, people invent new things to believe in—children, the last remaining member of the feral dog pack which fed on God’s corpse—and to go batshit insane over. Like which philosophical idea is superior. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

Ron Currie’s God is Dead is an awesome little book, and highly recommended.

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Ron Currie — God is Dead
First Line
Disguised as a young Dinka woman, God came at dusk to a refugee camp in the North Dafur Region of Sudan.