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First Lines: Foundation

When I was making up the list of Forty Books to read before I’m Forty, I realized that I hadn’t read any science fiction. I’ve read some books that have a slight SF-angle, but so far, no hardcore spaceships, laser and warpdrive action. I considered a few science fiction books for the list, but none… Read more »

Talk, Talk, Talk

This week I spent quite some time sitting on my ass and listening to other people talk. On thursday and friday I attended Fronteers 2010, a conference on all kinds of geeky front-end web-stuffs in perhaps the poshest cinema of The Netherlands. Since this was my first conference in, like, forever, I went in not… Read more »

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Citaat van de dag

Geert Wilders op de Twitters: Vreselijke dag morgen: begin inhoudelijke zitting politiek proces. Met mij staat vrijh. v. meningsuiting van minstens 1.5 mln mensen terecht Nee Greet. Nee. Ken je de term non sequitur? Dat is latijns voor ‘dat volgt niet uit’. Als in: uit het feit dat er morgen een proces tegen je begint… Read more »

First Lines: The Necromancer

With The Necromancer Michael Scott crosses the halfway point of his The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel sextology. And like the previous three installments it was a terrific read, involving more legendary and mythical beings, intrigue, fear, uncertainty, doubt and more of that stuff that make characters interesting. Part 5, The Warlock will be… Read more »