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I Could Drink a Case of You

Tonight I went to see Charlie Dée‘s Tribute to Joni for the second time. And like over a year ago, it was awesome. A Case of You Both Sides Now (song starts at 2:36)

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HBO horoscopen trekken

Vandaag kwam ik via de Twitters uit bij een bericht van SpitsNieuws, waarin duidelijk wordt dat de brand bij Chemie-Pack in Moerdijk—een overigens uitermate toepasselijk begin van het jaar van de chemie—de schuld is van de zonsverduistering een dag eerder. Althans, dat stelt astrologe Elizabeth Hathway op Het artikel sluit met de geniale slotzin… Read more »

Statistics Don’t Lie

When you look at the numbers, you’ll find that, on average, a person will have one birthday.

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Webstats 2010

If you like long, boring posts with lots of numbers and more information about this site than you probably need, this is your lucky day. Webstats time! Last year there were 4,064 visits from 2,407 unique visitors to this website. With an average of 1.53 pageviews per visit, a grand total of 6,199 pages were… Read more »

I’m on a Roll

Today was kinda special: one month of not getting hit by a pizza-delivery guy on a scooter. Sure, it’s not as impressive as my previous thirty-years-and-eleven-months streak, but at this moment I take what I can get. Apart from getting not enough sleep because lying down still doesn’t work like it’s supposed to, I’m doing… Read more »

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