Webstats 2010

If you like long, boring posts with lots of numbers and more information about this site than you probably need, this is your lucky day. Webstats time!

Last year there were 4,064 visits from 2,407 unique visitors to this website. With an average of 1.53 pageviews per visit, a grand total of 6,199 pages were viewed. Average time on site was 49 seconds. That’s all a bit down from last year. Which doesn’t surprise me much, as I didn’t write as much as last year.

Last year I had visitors from 68 countries. That’s nine down from 2009, and the top 5 hasn’t changed a bit:

  1. The Netherlands
  2. United States
  3. Belgium
  4. United Kingdom
  5. Canada

Traffic then. Just over a third of the visitors come here directly, nearly a third uses a search engine, a quarter clicks on a like on some other site, and the rest come in via Twitter and the like. Among the search engines, and quite unsurprisingly, Google is the most popular by far with an eighty percent share. From the others only Bing (10%) and Yahoo (8%) are worth mentioning. Among the 535 different keywords recorded, “book title generator” is still the most popular. People looking for an evil nickname (or me, I never know), screws fall out all the time, the world is an imperfect place, ‘were all just kinda winging it’ and Dans der Vampieren also generate a bunch of traffic. Several other search phrases that made me chuckle were “dat is me fiets” (which is a personal pet peeve, people butchering the Dutch language like that), “christelijke paasquiz” (I guess it is an popquiz about easter popquiz, but if it’s christian enough, I dunno), “100 things that make my heart beat” (aaaahhhhh), “philip pullman is a massive douche” (if you’re so certain, why do you need reaffirmation?) and “w00t²” (which is, like, w00t! squared. awesomesauce.)

Last year I wrote 114 entries. The most popular of those were:

  1. A bootleg of Meat Loaf in Slagharen was good for 226 pageviews
  2. My Hang Cool Teddy Bear review (153)
  3. PostSecret: We’re all just kinda winging it (103)
  4. My write up of Dans der Vampieren (59)
  5. And I’m still looking for more info on Fat Out Of Hell (49)

The most popular page apart from the front page is still my random book title generator.

Finally, the browser stats. Internet Eplorer is down 5% from last year. And while Firefox loses some of it’s market share, overall, decent browsers are up.

  1. Internet Explorer (54.31% — IE8 83.91%, IE7 11.19%, IE6 4.67%, IE9 0.18%, IE5.01 0.05%)
  2. Firefox (29.72%)
  3. Chrome (7.38%)
  4. Safari (5.61%)
  5. Opera (0.94%)

This year, I might do some infrequent updates from the trenches of the browser wars, as it seems like IE is losing ground. If you just look at the last three months, it’s down to just 43%. And that’s more like it.

As always, thanks for stopping by. I’ll try to make this site more interesting this year.