First Lines: Two-for-One Picture Book Edition

Since I recently, well, finished, ehm, reading two lovely little books that have a very strong visual component, I really feel I should pay some attention to them.

For the first one, All My Friends Are Dead by Avery Monsen and Jory John, it’s easy, as a link to the book’s website should give you all the reasons why this book is totally awesome. All My Friends Are Dead.

Avery Monsen and Jory John — All My Friends Are Dead
All my friends are dead.

The second, that mysterious volume that came with that oblique and indecipherable message, is a bit trickier. First and foremost, it would not be wise to tell too much about it’s horrifying content. Secondly, with the few images I can find, it’s hard to do this tome justice.

D is for Dagon. Illustration from Baby's First Mythos

D is for Dagon, Because he’s one of the gods,
And not for the Deep Ones, Who’re just one step up from frogs.

So you’ll just have to believe me: it’s totally worth losing your mind over.

C.J. Henderson and Erica Henderson — Baby’s First Mythos
CAVEAT LECTOR Recitation of these passages has been known to drive impressionable children to the very brink of suicidal madness and despair, and beyond.