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Seen Live: Rush

Just came back from Rotterdam, where Rush played their Time Machine show’. It was awesome. Nothing to complain about, really. Well. There’s one thing: drum solos are a waste of time. Even when you’re as awesome a drummer as Neil Peart is. Rush — Tom Sawyer (Time Machine Tour 2011: Live in Cleveland) Seen Live… Read more »


Dus dan stem je als rechtgeaarde liberaal bij de afgelopen Tweede Kamerverkiezingen op de VVD, en krijg je de PVV er extragratis bij. Vooruit, een slippertje moet kunnen. En ook al zegt je van huis uit hervormde hopman dat hij wel een zekere verwantschap voelt met die andere leuke partij met leuke mensen, de SGP,… Read more »

In Case of Rapture

Please note: this post was prepared in advance. Today is May 22nd, 2011. That means that one of the following statements is true: Yesterday, May 21st, 2011, was Judgment Day, as guaranteed by the bible, or Yesterday, May 21st, 2011, was a day just like any other. If yesterday wasn’t judgment day, that means I’m… Read more »

Judgment Day

Today is Judgment Day, that most glorious day that all good Christians will get beamed up into heaven. The bible guarantees it, so it must be true. Six Feet Under Ep. 41, “In Case of Rapture“