Monthly Archives: June 2011

Ritueel slachten

Op dit moment is in de Tweede Kamer het debat over onverdoofd ritueel slachten bezig. Onverdoofd niet-ritueel slachten is al lang en breed verboden, maar voor de ritueel slacht is er een reli-escape ingebouwd. Slacht je uit religieuze overweging onverdoofd, dan mag dat. De Partij voor de Dieren diende een wetsvoorstel in om hieraan een… Read more »

The Big Man

On July 12, 2009 I was standing in a field in Dublin. In the distance a band was up on the stage. They just played their main set, and returned for an encore. Halfway during the first song of that encore, a big, big man with a saxophone stepped forward to do his bit. I… Read more »

First Lines: The Great Gatsby

The only inhabitant of West Egg not to enjoy Jay Gatsby’s legendary parties is Jay Gatsby. The one girl he seeks to impress with them is already married. Glamorous, dangerous, hopeful and desperately in love, Gatsby’s naive dreams can only lead to destruction. Don’t worry that this back cover blurb gives away the ending. The… Read more »

First Lines: Neverwhere

Hidden beneath the London that we all know, there’s another London, called London Below. It’s a city of monsters, murderers, saints, sinners, angels, black friars, and other assorted shady types. Most of all, it is the city of those people who haven fallen through the cracks. Richard Mayhew fell through the cracks when he performed… Read more »

Seen Live: Neal Morse

Yesterday, Neal Morse kicked of the European leg of his Testimony 2 tour at Hedon in Zwolle. As far as I know, this was the first time he played with this particular line-up, but they could have fooled me. Nearly three hours of awesome progrock. Neal Morse — It’s For You (live at Hedon, Zwolle,… Read more »