First Lines: Neverwhere

Hidden beneath the London that we all know, there’s another London, called London Below. It’s a city of monsters, murderers, saints, sinners, angels, black friars, and other assorted shady types. Most of all, it is the city of those people who haven fallen through the cracks. Richard Mayhew fell through the cracks when he performed a simple act of human kindness. Neverwhere is the story of how he found his way home.

There’s only one thing I can hold against this book: Neil Gaiman makes it look too damn easy. With just a few casual observations you get a complete idea of what’s going on, he meanders but never drifts off, and you always keep wondering, and what happens next?

Book read
Neil Gaiman — Neverwhere (Author’s preferred text)
First line
The night before he went to London, Richard Mayhew was not enjoying himself.