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First Lines: The Warlock

The modern usage, a ‘warlock’ usually is a male witch. Sometimes, it implies alliances with greater, evil powers. The fifth book of Michael Scott’s The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel series uses it more in line with its Old-English roots: warlock is derived from the Old-English wærloga, oath breaker. The Warlock is par for… Read more »

First Lines: The Prince of Mist

After the success of The Shadow of the Wind and The Angel’s Game the earlier work of Carlos Ruiz Zafón is being translated into English. The Prince of Mist was Zafón’s first published novel, and a ‘young adult’ one, at that. Not that I have problems with that: I read those like nobody’s business. Still,… Read more »

First Lines: Anansi Boys

Once upon a time, I kept a list of notable quotations of the books I was reading, so I could spice up these silly posts with them. It’s a good thing I stopped doing that, because Neil Gaiman’s Anansi Boys is filled to the brim with very quotable quotes. Thanks to the magic of the… Read more »

100 Things: Beethoven’s Ninth

Number 74 on my list of 100 fun things to do for no particular reason is “See Beethoven’s Ninth in concert.” Check. Done. Last night I went to the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam (related item on the list — #70: see a concert in the Concertgebouw) where the Orkest van het Oosten performed Beethoven’s choral symphony…. Read more »


Berichtje op de site van onderbuikend Nederland: de havenmeesters in Urk zijn het zat dat goddeloze pleziervaarders op zondag gratis en voor niks water en elektra in de Urker haven komen tappen. Want in Urk mag er natuurlijk in het kader van de heilige zondagsrust geen geld verdiend worden. En daar moet dat nu eens… Read more »