Stats 2011, Part 2

And then the man with big pair of scissors cut the year in half. Here are the artists I listened to the most, according to my stats:

  1. Solo (107 plays)
  2. Boudewijn de Groot (103)
  3. Bruce Springsteen (80)
  4. Dream Theater (75)
  5. Meat Loaf (72)
  6. J Perkin (60)
  7. The Beatles (59)
  8. Tim Knol (56)
  9. Jim Steinman (53)
  10. Genesis (44)

On March 28 I went to see Solo in Theater Kikker. It was the first time I really listened to his/their stuff, and after listening to complimentary This is Solo compilation, I was hooked and I got all other releases asap. J Perkin (#6) is/was the alias of Solo mainman Michiel Flamman, who released one pretty fine album (Exhibit) under that name.

Since my sister insists that Boudewijn de Groot is probably the best thing that happened to Dutch music, since, well, ever*, I acquired his complete studio collection. Still haven’t made way through all 12 CDs, but what I’ve heard I dig a lot. Especially the twenty-something minute acid trip that is “Heksen-sabbath” from Nacht en Ontij.

Boudewijn de Groot — Heksen-sabbath, deel 1

And finally, The Beatles. While I’m aware that a lot of people think that they are the single best thing that happened to music and I understand why they’re so important, I never gave them much of a chance, since what I’ve heard of them on television and radio didn’t excite me much. Since I could obtain a copy of their red and blue compilations for a decent price, I decided to give them a shot. Still, it isn’t the awesomest music I’ve ever heard, but it’s not as lame as I always thought it was. With the exception of “Obladie-Oblada” and the ending of “Hey Jude” of course.

Naaa na nanana naaahhhh! etc.

* This is a slight exaggeration.