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Bij gebrek aan iets beters te doen, zat ik vanmiddag de zoveelste etappe van de Tour de France te kijken. Ver van te voren wist je al dat de kopgroep op een ruime steenworp van de finish ingehaald zou worden, en dat er een massasprint zou volgen. Zelfs voor het komkommerseizoen was het belabberde televise…. Read more »

First Lines: Stories

As much as I like collections of short stories, they’re a pain in the ass when you want to write something useful about them. Stories is a collection of 27 stories, that all try to make you ask the same four words: and then what happened? And mostly, these stories manage to do just that…. Read more »

100 Things: Climb the Onze Lieve Vrouwetoren

In the center of Amersfoort there is a tower. It’s quite noticeable too: at 98.33 meters, it’s the third highest church tower of the Netherlands. And since I moved to Amersfoort nearly eleven years ago, I kept on not getting around to actually climb it. So I put it on my list of 100 things… Read more »

Done Camping. Again.

Because I have these “friends” who know how much I like camping—i.e., not at all—I spend a week completely off the grid, camping in the south of Limburg. And I guess that, apart from the camping bit, it wasn’t too bad. The weather was quite nice, some local sights were seen (including some caves, the… Read more »

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Ik ben er, zoals dat heet, klaar voor. He-le-maal.

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