Stats 2011, Part 3

Just three months and another year’s over. Here are the artists I’ve been listening to the most in the last three months, according to my account:

  1. Dream Theater (77 plays)
  2. Bløf (67)
  3. Meat Loaf (51)
  4. Eefje de Visser (42)
  5. Daniël Lohues (41)
  6. Claudia de Breij (39)
  7. Porcupine Tree (37)
  8. Within Temptation (33)

Dream Theater has a new album out, A Dramatic Turn of Events, their first after the departure of Mike Portnoy. It’s a pretty solid album, and they’ll be playing in Zwolle on February 1st, 2012, and I’ll be there.

One of my colleagues made me check out Eefje de Visser. She sings electro-pop songs in Dutch, and does so quite nicely. She’s playing in Zwolle next week. And guess what, I’ll be there too.

Finally, Roosbeef got a new album out too. It’s called Omdat ik dat wil and you should check out the first single Twijfelaar. They’ll be playing in Zwolle in three weeks time, but I kinda sorta have other plans.