Let me give you the short version first.

I just had an awesome weekend, meeting nice people, seeing places I hadn’t been to and watching some quality entertainment.

The slightly longer version goes like this:

Last thursday I flew to Helsinki and met up with some friends there. Friday we took a train from Helsinki to Seinäjoki, where we met up with a fellow Jim Steinman fan we hadn’t had the pleasure to meet with before and saw Dance of the Vampires together. On saturday, before going back to Helsinki, we saw the same show again and went on a backstage tour, met with even more nice people and I became, as my P.A. Dave so helpfully kept reminding me over and over and over and over again, a star on Finnish television. On sunday we took a ferry to see a fortress on an island, and today I did some record shopping and had some coffee and talked about Jim Steinman a lot with Janne. Then I flew back to Amsterdam, took a train and a bus and now I’m home producing an incoherent mess of badly constructed sentences.

There will be an even longer version later on, but it still needs some work. I suspect there’s still a couple of words left that I haven’t used.