Yearly Archives: 2011

Seen Live: Anneke, Krause & Tom

Yesterday I went to see Anneke van Giersbergen (ex-the Gathering, mighty fine solo work), Krause (electropop) and multi-instrumentalist Tom Pintens (formerly of Zita Swoon). And Dotan, the main act/other half of the double bill. To start with Dotan, he was alright, I guess. To me, it felt like his brand of pop/rock-singer/songwriter-material lacked an edge…. Read more »

First Lines: The Catcher in the Rye

Holden Caulfield. With his goddamn red hunting cap. He kills me. He really does. But I felt sorry as hell for him too. I really did. Not because he’s just a sixteen year old boy. And not because he’s some kinda phony, complaining about other people being phonies or anything. I’m not saying that. But… Read more »

First Lines: The Key to Creation

In The Key to Creation, Book Three of Kevin J. Anderson’s Terra Incognita trilogy, the inevitable is about to happen. Two decades of religious hatred from two opposing continents and religions is about to explode into the violent orgy of violence to end the mother of all religious violent orgies. Something like that. There can… Read more » Stats 2011, Part 3

Just three months and another year’s over. Here are the artists I’ve been listening to the most in the last three months, according to my account: Dream Theater (77 plays) Bløf (67) Meat Loaf (51) Eefje de Visser (42) Daniël Lohues (41) Claudia de Breij (39) Porcupine Tree (37)SoloRoosbeef Within Temptation (33) Dream Theater… Read more »


Blijkbaar is in Nederland een discussie losgebarsten over de besnijdenis van jongens. Ik had het even gemist, maar goed. In Trouw mogen twee godgeleerden hun visie geven. Ook prima. Alleen jammer dat hun betoog aan alle kanten rammelt. Volgens rabijn Klapheck uit Frankfurt stelt het allemaal niet zo gek veel voor. Moeders vind het even… Read more »