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Let’s just say that Meat Loaf’s Paradise by the Dashboard Light is not my favorite song. I usually don’t skip it or change channels if it comes on, but I won’t knowingly put it on. Still, that’s what I did yesterday, so that I could help some people out:

Taken from a German Limitierte Auflage 12″ single, this edit of doesn’t cut out the Phil Rizzuto baseball Play-by-Play section entirely, it’s just the instrumental with Jim Steinman doing some Lascivious Effects.
Paradise by the Dashboard Light (without Baseball Play-By-Play)

The 1973 “More Than You Deserve” single can be quite hard to find. I got lucky. Not only did I manage to acquire a copy of the regular version, some time later, I also obtained a promo copy. Last year, another copy showed up on eBay. The seller wanted a $2100 starting bid. I can’t quite remember what I paid for mine, but it was nowhere near that.
More Than You deserve 1973 mono/stereo promo.

In 1989, Jim produced two songs on the soundtrack for Rude Awakening, a cover of Lovin’ Spoonful’s “Darling Be Home Soon” by Phoebe Snow, and the title track, performed by Bill Medley. According to Rick Rose, one of the writers of the song, Jim was brought in as the producer to the songs and he wrote the intro and worked with us on the bridge to the song. An edited version was released as a single, and well, here you go:
Bill Medley — Rude Awakening

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