Happy Ending

Yesterday I spend quite some time trying to rip a CD. Ten of the eleven songs on the album gave me no problem. But that last one… Whatever option I tried, it wouldn’t play nice.

It was especially annoying because that one song was the sole reason I bought that particular album years ago. I haven’t had many CDs that malfunctioned, but when they do, it’s usually on my favorite track on the disc, or the one most relevant to my interests. Anyway, to cut to the chase, today I tried ripping the CD at work with Exact Audio Copy—which is still the best ripper for Windows, hands down—and guess what: it worked. Flawlessly.

The song I’m talking about is “Happy Ending“, from Yvonne Elliman‘s Food of Love album. It’s the first song written by Jim Steinman that was commercially released.
Yvonne Elliman — Happy Ending