This Month: January 2012

So, let’s try this new thing where every month I try to say something useful about the past month. I tried for an hour to sum up the past month, but apparently I’m not in my happy place—you know, where I can write something about myself without it being, like, boring—quite yet. So let’s just say January has been a pretty hectic month, and I could use a bit of hibernation.

Still, there were a few highlights, like the family reunion of my father’s side of the family in honor of his 65th birthday, cooking for lots of people in honor of my own birthday on three separate occasions, one pretty awesome show I saw, and getting an open-ended extension of my employment contract.

On the downside, things at work didn’t particularly go the way I wanted them to go, for a score of reasons I won’t bother you with. Also, my grandfather dying was a bit of a downer. Given the circumstances it’s not as if I’m overly sad—he was 92, he hadn’t been doing all too well for the last few years, and, frankly, he was waiting for it all to be over—but still, you know, it sucks. Death is pretty fuckin final, and it makes life, the universe and everything seem so finite and inconsequential in the grander scheme of things.

So. Yeah. Overall, January 2012 wasn’t too bad, just a bit hectic. If things settle down just a little all over the line, February’ll probably work out alright enough. And if all else fails, there’s always panic to fall back on.