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This Month: February 2012

Remember last month, when I said that I would try to say something useful about the past month every month? Well, apparently I didn’t properly think it through. You see, nothing much happened this last month. I went to work—which, for a change, was a bit slow—I saw a couple of concerts, read a few… Read more »

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So you may know who I am…

On the soundtrack of the motion picture that will eventually be made about me, this song will probably the ‘love theme’. BLØF — Liefdesbrief

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Seen Live: Melissa Etheridge

Certain bands and artists have songs they just have to play in order to make their gigs complete. It doesn’t matter whether or not you like the song, but a Black Sabbath show without ‘Paranoid’, a Meat Loaf show without ‘Paradise by the Dashboard Light’, a Springsteen show without ‘Born to Run’ and an Iron… Read more »

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First Lines: Inheritance

Inheritance, or The Vault of Souls is the fourth and final brick volume in Christopher Paolini’s Inhertiance-cycle. The cycle started out as a trilogy in 2002 with Eragon, which, as it’s sequel Eldest, were good enough. Sure, they’re derivative and mediocre fantasy genre pieces, but Paolini was 15 when he started writing in 1998, so… Read more »

Padlocked up to Heaven

The awesome Jenny Owen Youngs just released a shiny new record called An Unwavering Band of Light, and I somehow thought it would be appropriate to share its’ first single with you all. Because, well, yeah, you know. Jenny Owen Youngs — Your Appartment Take me back to your apartment so I’ll see if I’m… Read more »