Seen Live: Dream Theater

Yesterday, I went to see two bands in the IJsselhallen in Zwolle.

Periphery kicked off. All through their set, I was wondering if they really needed three guitar players. The answer to that question is pretty simple, and let me explain it to you in a flowchart:

Flowchart: Do I need three guitar players in my band?
Flowchart: Do I need three guitar players in my band? (click to enlarge)
photo credits: IMG_4322 by Dr Chino CC-BY-NC-SA, and Iron Maiden en Costa Rica by adels CC-BY

Dream Theater was great. Lots of tracks from their latest album A Dramatic Turn of Events and still quite a lot of old stuff. To showcase new drummer Mike Mangini, he got to play a drumsolo. If he can do the same amount of hits per minute on a keyboard as on his drumset, he would be the best data typist. Still I could help but wonder whether drumsolos are necessary. Again, the pretty simple answer is best explained in a flowchart:

Flowchart: Should I play a drumsolo?
Flowchart: Should I play a drumsolo? (click to enlarge)
photo credit: Blue drum set by Frank Tellez CC-BY-NC-SA

Sorry, but I still think that instrumental wanking for no apparent reason is completely uncalled for.

Seen live
Dream Theater + Periphery on February 1st, 2012 at the IJsselhallen, Zwolle.
Bridges in the Sky / 6:00 / Build Me Up, Break Me Down / Surrounded / The Root of All Evil / Mike Mangini drum solo / A Fortune in Lies / Outcry / The Silent Man / Beneath the Surface / On the Backs of Angels / War Inside My Head / The Test That Stumped Them All / The Spirit Carries On / Breaking All Illusions // Pull Me Under