Seen Live: Anneke van Giersbergen

Last friday I went to Hedon to see a band play in Zwolle, for the third week in a row. And before you start wondering why I would go all the way to Zwolle, well, I work there. That makes it a lot easier. Otherwise, I’d probably wouldn’t even have considered come that close to the end of the civilized world.

Paper Fox from Belgium opened the evening. They played singer-songwritery material with a bunch of electronica thrown in. Which was quite nice, but not really something I’d play at home.

And then Anneke. Probably the best (female) singer from The Netherlands. She’s got such a great voice, that I wouldn’t mind if she she’d just read from the telephone book. Which she didn’t. She played all songs from her latest album Everything is Changing, and then five more songs, including Saturnine and Hyperdrive!. It was tight, intense and probably the heaviest set I saw her do. Bit on the short side, but always leave ’em wanting more, right?

Despite the fact that I don’t really like (nearly) sold out (club) shows—I always end up standing in the once space that everyone has to go through in order to get to the bar, no matter where I stand—it is great to see that Anneke finally gets more of the attention she deserves.

Seen live
Anneke van Giersbergen + Paper Fox, on February 10, 2012 at Hedon, Zwolle.
Feel Alive / You Want To Be Free / Everything Is Changing / Take Me Home / I Wake Up / Circles / My Boy / Stay / Hope. Pray, Dance, Play / Slow Me Down / Too Late / 1000 Miles Away From You // Saturnine (the Gathering) / Fury / Beautiful One / Hyperdrive! (Devin Townsend Project) // Witnesses