Seen Live: Melissa Etheridge

Certain bands and artists have songs they just have to play in order to make their gigs complete. It doesn’t matter whether or not you like the song, but a Black Sabbath show without ‘Paranoid’, a Meat Loaf show without ‘Paradise by the Dashboard Light’, a Springsteen show without ‘Born to Run’ and an Iron Maiden show without, say, ‘Iron Maiden’ would be a let-down. Likewise, Melissa Etheridge has to play ‘Like the Way I Do’. In fact, she needs to end her show with it. Because what can come after that song and not be an anti-climax?

When I found out that Melissa Etheridge was coming to The Netherlands to play three shows, I thought to myself, Well, I got all her albums, why not go see her show? So I mailed my sister, as she likes her music too—which doesn’t happen to often, as apparently I was the one who got the decent taste in music—and got us two tickets for the Heineken Music Hall. The show was last thursday, and I had a blast.

It was much, much better than I hoped it would be. The crowd was totally into it from the first second, and Melissa really seemed to enjoy herself. Perhaps she got a bit carried away with the call-and-response crowd interaction bits, but hey, who cares? The set contained a few tracks for her current album Fearless Love, and a whole bunch of classics. Hell, we even got the world premiere of a brand new song, called ‘You Will’:

Melissa Etheridge — You Will (world premiere)

And then, in the end, it finally happened: a long, drawn out, ten minute plus jam-fest version of ‘Like the Way I Do’. It was an awesome, uplifting moment: imagine Survivor playing ‘Eye of the Tiger’ or Europe kicking out ‘The Final Countdown’. Wickedly magical.

Seen live
Melissa Etheridge at the Heineken Music Hall on February 23, 2012
Set list
Fearless Love / If I Wanted To / Chrome Plated Heart / I Want To Come Over / Keep It Precious / The Wanting of You / Come To My Window / Meet Me in the Back / Silent Legacy / You Can Sleep While I Drive / You Will (new song, world premiere) / Drag Me Away / Must Be Crazy for Me / Nervous (incl. Fever) / Bring Me Some Water // Like the Way I Do