Seen Live: BackAlive + Snow Control

Saturday I once again got to play roadie. Which basically meant hauling stuff around, cleaning up a bit and drinking beer while two tribute bands played their sets.

The first band, Snow Control, was a Snow Patrol tribute band. I’m not that familiar with Snow Patrol, apart from what I hear on the radio, but I thought they quite entertaining.

BackAlive is a Pearl Jam tribute. And I thought they did a pretty fine job. Good, solid set, and the Eddie Vedder stand-in came pretty close at times. Just don’t ask me what songs they played. I mean, I like Pearl Jam enough to own a few of their albums, but after a while I kinda lose track a bit. They played ‘Why Go’, ‘Jeremy’, ‘Black‘, ‘Alive’ and ‘Rocking in the Free World’—which, indeed, is a Neil Young song—but other than that, my mind blanks. Oh, and apparently, they used to have a drummer who was the runner-up in this year’s ‘The Voice of Holland’. And he came along to play a few songs and sing a bit. Whoop-ti-fuckin-do.

That was saturday. Sunday, on my way back home, my train got stuck in Gouda and I had to go back to The Hague and take a detour through Schiphol. Which gave me ample time to finish my book. Which I did. And now you know what I did last weekend.

Seen live
BackAlive + Snow Control at De Schuur, Hoogmade on March 10, 2012