This Month: March 2012

Again, March wasn’t a terribly exciting month. On March 1st, I started my third year on the job, but this time with an open-ended contract. Which suits me fine. I love it there, and I don’t think I’m quite done yet. Other than that, still quite slow. But that won’t last long.

And in other area’s it wasn’t quite eventful either. You know, same old, same old. Read a few books, saw a few shows, visited two museums, played some volleybal. Went to Woerden to have diner with friends, had some beers afterwards, was in time to catch the last train to Utrecht, only to find out that, apparently, it doesn’t connect with any train to Amersfoort. So I had to take the nightbus, and was home at half past three. (When you take the Daylight Savings Time into account.) And that was about it, really.

Oh, wait. Remember last month, when there was this thing I couldn’t tell you too much about on account of it not being a done deal yet? Well, even though the deal isn’t officially finalized, it’s pretty much done. Which means that in a month or so I’ll be packing up all my stuff here and moving them some six hundred meters south.