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Zoals gezegd, ik ga verhuizen. Vandaag vond ik op mijn nieuwe adres een briefje. Van de katholieke kerk. (Inderdaad, ja. De hele poespas. Tot misdienaar aan toe. Maar dat was toen.) Blijkbaar ga ik met deze verhuizing een parochiegrens over, en maakte de Stichting Interkerkelijke Ledenadministratie (SILA) slapende honden wakker. Toen ik in 2000 in… Read more »

Seen Live: “Two Men, One Story”

Michiel Flamman (of Solo) and Marinus de Goederen (of a balladeer) just did a little tour of four shows together. If you missed their Two Men, One Story shows, well, you missed out. Michiel and Marinus played their songs, and told about their experiences in the music business. It was lovely. The audience kept quiet…. Read more »

Seen Live: Acda en De Munnik

Last wednesday, I had a day off from painting my new apartment, as I had a ticket to see Acda en De Munnik‘s latest show, ‘t Heerst. And while I enjoyed the evening, I’m still not quite sure what to think of it. Musically it was as good as ever, but the bits in between… Read more »

First Lines: Nightmares & Dreamscapes

Years ago I read the Dutch, two volume edition of Stephen King’s Nightmares & Dreamscapes. I remember sitting in an airplane over the North Sea, on my way back home from my first trip to London, talking about why I read the Dutch translation. Probably because it was easier at the time. Nowadays, I read… Read more »

Seen Live: Bruceband

In all the fuss about me getting the keys to my new apartment, I totally forgot to tell you about that band I saw saturday night. As a sort of preparation for my upcoming trip to see The Boss, I went to see “Europe’s No.1 Springsteen Tributeband”, The Bruceband, in De Kelder here in Amersfoort…. Read more »

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