Seen Live: “Two Men, One Story”

Michiel Flamman (of Solo) and Marinus de Goederen (of a balladeer) just did a little tour of four shows together. If you missed their Two Men, One Story shows, well, you missed out.

Michiel and Marinus played their songs, and told about their experiences in the music business. It was lovely. The audience kept quiet. So quiet that you could at times hear people pulling their feet loose from the sticky floor. (It was my first time in Ekko, and it was everything I imagined a seedy club in a movie to be like: a small room dominated by two mirror balls and a floor sticky with years of spilled beers.)

Solo — Winterson (Backyard Acoustics)

Michiel played mostly his Solo material, but also songs from his J Perkin album (including the it’s so beautiful I could cry “Winterson”), and Birgit’s I Know. I’ve always loved that song, and it wasn’t until recently I found out who was responsible for it.

mr. a balladeer — Winterschläfer

If my count is correct, it was the seventeenth time I saw Marinus perform. Still, he managed to play half a song I hadn’t heard before, “Pennywise”.

Seen live
“Two Men, One Story” with Solo and a balladeer at Ekko, Utrecht on May 18th, 2012