Seen Live: Wende bespeelt de maan

Not so long ago, on a thursday about a week ago, Wende Snijders played a one-off show in Museum Speelklok in Utrecht. Wende bespeelt de maan, Wende plays with the moon, it was called, as the moon was in its first quarter, which, of course, is a symbol for a new start. During the show she played songs from her latest album, and some songs that might end up on the next one.

It wasn’t quite what I expected. Museum Speelklok has a large collection of automatically playing musical instruments, and from the description of the show, I gathered that Wende would be playing one of them. She didn’t. She played the piano, and she brought along a guitar-player. Which was fine with me.

Seen live
Wende bespeelt de maan, on June 24th at Museumpodium Speelklok, Utrecht