First Lines: Hier / Seen Live: Bløf

Why, yes! Since the book I finished last week is the biography of the band I saw last friday, there no reason not to wrap both up in a double feature.

This year BLØF, one of the most popular bands in The Netherlands, celebrates their twentieth anniversary. Hier: 20 jaar Bløf, the band’s new biography written by Ernst Jan Rozendaal, marks that occasion.

The story is well known: BLØF outgrew its provincial roots and broke through nationally, before drummer Chris Götte died in a motorcycle accident. With their new drummer Norman Bonink they became even more successful, although the recording of the Umoja album almost proved to be too much.

While I knew most of the story, it was interesting enough to get filled in on a lot of details. The only thing I’m not too sure about is the tone of voice. Rozendaal describes a lot of events as if he was present, which to me seems a bit contrived. Still, it’s an entertaining and well-written and researched book.

Book read
Ernst Jan Rozendaal — Hier: 20 jaar BLØF
First Line
Als je met een helm op kon fluiten, zou Chris Götte het doen.

I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve seen BLØF in concert. And every time, they kick ass. Just as they did last friday, when they played a greatest hits-festival set.

Seen live
BLØF at Zomerspektakel aan het meer, Alphen aan de Rijn on June 1st, 2012
Maan en sterren / Hou vol hou vast / Bijna waar ik zijn moet / Dansen aan zee / Mens / Beter / Aan de kust / Aanzoek zonder ringen / Later als ik groter ben / Harder dan ik hebben kan / Meer kan het niet zijn / Wijd open / Blauwe ruis / Omarm / Hier // Was je maar hier / Holiday in Spain / Alles is liefde