Seen Live: Jon Oliva’s Pain

Jon Oliva’s Pain was touring Europe in honor of the 25th anniversary of Savatage’s classic Hall of the Mountain King album. Which makes sense when you know that Jon Oliva once upon a time was the frontman of Savatage. And Savatage, well, it is no more, will probably never be again.

It was my fifth time seeing the Pain, and like the previous times, I had to endure two support acts. Kingcrow’s songs had some interesting bits, but as a whole they were all over the place. Max Pie, from Belgium, were as a whole the better support act, but their music wasn’t quite memorable.

In interviews, Oliva often says that if you want to see Savatage, you should come see his shows. And indeed: apart from the title track of their fourth album, a Doctor Butcher song (which is just another Savatage-side project) and a bit of Deep Purple’s “Child in Time” the setlist ran over with Savatage classics. The main part of the show consisted of nearly all of the Hall of the Mountain King-album (an acoustic, instrumental prelude was ommitted) in nearly the right order as “Prelude to Madness / Hall of the Mountain King” were pushed back to close the main set. Epicly awesome.

Although I enjoyed the show immensely, there was one thing I wasn’t too sure about, and that were mr. Oliva’s vocals. But by and large, good grief, awesome show.

Jon Oliva’s Pain — Child in Time / Believe
Seen Live
Jon Oliva’s Pain plays “The Hall of the Mountain King” + Max Pie + Kingcrow, on July 13, 2012 at 013, Tilburg.
Sirens / Gutter Ballet / Edge of Thorns / Don’t Talk To Me (Doctor Butcher cover) / Power of the Night / Festival / Tonight He Grins Again / Heal My Soul / Ghost in the Ruins // 24 Hrs. Ago / Beyond the Doors of the Dark / Legions / Strange wings / The Price You Pay / White Witch / Devastation / Prelude to Madness / Hall of the Mountain King // Child in Time (Deep Purple cover) / Believe