First Lines: The Enchantress

And so it’s come to this. Two gates, two portals await… No, wait. Wrong story.

Still, it has come to this. Chronologically speaking, it’s been just a few days between the opening lines of The Alchemyst amd the epilogue of The Enchantress, the sixth and final installment in Michael Scott’s The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel series. But what a frantic few days it have been.

Josh and Sophie Newman—the Gold and Silver Twins of Legend, the Two who are One and the One that is All, One to Save the World, and One to Destroy it—meet many figures from the pages of history, legend and myth, as well as creatures that should not even exist in nightmares. Some of them will help them on their quest to save the world as we know it, while others will do whatever they can to thwart them. And that makes for six very entertaining and quick paces books.

It’s just that this last one, well, it feels a bit off. About seventy-one different plot-lines need to be resolved, the body count is way up there and as it all turns out, everything happens because the powers that be have been scheming for time beyond reckoning. Pretty big things happen, and no one stops to reflect on it. HERE BE SPOILERS. “Oh, hey, you know what: even-though I’ve though for fifteen years that you’re my twin sister and older than me by just a few minutes, the people we believed to be our parents but actually turn out to be Earthlords—you know, that super-evil folk from way back when—just revealed that I am a thiry-something-thousand year old Neanderthal, and you come from the steppes of Russia. How wickedly awesome is that?!” And that she goes, like, “But you’ll always be my little kid brother. Squeee! And now you must destroy this world, so that our own will survive and we’ll be separate forever! Kthanxbai.” I mean, you’d expect revelations like that to hit home at least a bit, but no, they just waltz on like this kinda stuff happens every day.

Oh, well. I did enjoy the series immensely, and the last book wasn’t bad either.

Book read
Michael Scott — The Enchantress (The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel: Book Six)
First line
I am legend.