First Lines: W2P, Welcome to Paradise

Hans Sibbel, better known as Dutch comedian Lebbis, wrote W2P, Welcome to Paradise to go along with his show of the same name. Both the book and the show are about evolution, and where it is taking the human species. And frankly, it drove me mad.

The thing is, I think I know a bit about evolution. And I don’t think Sibbel does a good job of explaining the theory of evolution. He goes on and on and on about evolution wanting things. And what it aims to do. Which is nonsense, as evolution is not a sentient thing. It does not want anything. It just is. By means of natural selection, those who can adapt themselves the best to the changing environment—those who are the best fit in the given circumstance—survive. Survival of the fittest isn’t about being physically fit or strong. It’s more like fitting in the puzzle.

Sure, there’s enough funny and entertaining stuff in there, but I couldn’t stop wondering if he was pulling my leg on purpose.

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Hans Sibbel — W2P, Welcome to Paradise
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Er zijn te veel domme mensen.