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Seen Live: a balladeer

The last time I saw a balladeer perform as a band was om their theatertour in February 2010. After that show, guitarist Erik Meereboer left the band, and with drummer Tijs Stehman being busy with his day job singer Marinus de Goederen went solo as mr. a balladeer with the excellent album Sorry, Kid. If… Read more »

First Lines: De kracht van Scrum

Last week, a co-worker gave me a book that I had to read. You see, we’re moving to a more Agile approach of working on the website. And reading up on the Scrum method was sorta kinda required. The very first line of the very first of a two page list of raving recommendations says… Read more »

Seen Live: BLØF at Ziggo Dome

This year, BLØF exists twenty years. To mark that occasion, there was a biography, a new best-of album, and, to top it off, a big show. And when I say big, I mean big. It was at the new Ziggo Dome venue in Amsterdam, which was sold out. That’s 17,000 people. The production and light… Read more »

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First Lines: The Twelve

Justin Cronin’s The Twelve is the sequel to The Passage, which I was a bit ambivalent about. Sure, military experiment turns into post-apocalyptic vampire nightmare is a great hook for a story. And while there were lots of good, really good parts and it was a very entertaining book, there were parts that made me… Read more »