First Lines: The Twelve

Justin Cronin’s The Twelve is the sequel to The Passage, which I was a bit ambivalent about. Sure, military experiment turns into post-apocalyptic vampire nightmare is a great hook for a story. And while there were lots of good, really good parts and it was a very entertaining book, there were parts that made me want to hurl the book across the room.

With that still lodged in the back of my mind, I had lower expectations of The Twelve, I thought it was a brilliant piece of entertainment. While it’s not a brilliant book by any means, the writing is right up my alley. Flowery, meandering lines like it’s first one (which is preceded by a brilliant biblical pastiche in the prologue), and when necessary, dry, functional prose. There’s enough there to keep me interested in the final part of the trilogy.

Book Read
Justin Cronin — The Twelve
First Line
Later, after supper and evening prayer, and bath if it was bath night, and then the final negotiations to conclude the day (Please, Sister, can’t we stay up a little longer? Please, one more story?), when the children had fallen asleep at last and everything was very still, Amy watched them.