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First Lines: The Jungle Book(s)

If you think that you know all about The Jungle Book because you saw the Disney film when you were young, you might as well forget about it. Sure, Rudyard Kipling’s novel and it’s sequel The Second Jungle Book feature the adventures of the feral boy Mowgli, but the movie took large liberties with the… Read more »

First Lines: A Princess of Mars

One night in the winter of 1865, John Carter, of Virginia, gets mysteriously transported to Mars. There he gets involved in all kinds of conflicts, and eventually, he gets the girl as well. Edgar Rice Burroughs’ A Princess of Mars is sometimes labeled as science fantasy, a cross between science fiction and pure sword-slinging fantasy…. Read more »

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First Lines: Stephen King special

Because I seem to have build up a backlog of books I’ve read but haven’t written about, here’s a round up of three Stephen King novellas. Throttle, written as tribute to the Richard Matheson short story Duel, is a collaboration between King and his son, Joe Hill. The story deals with a gang of outlaw… Read more »

Seen Live: Eefje de Visser

As picture says more than a thousand words, simple mathematics dictate that this video says more than 7,056,000 words. * Eefje de Visser — Ik dacht na Eefje de Visser’s current tour is the fourth in support of her debut album De koek, and the second I saw. It was pretty awesome. Seen live Eefje… Read more »

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Seen Live: Maiden United

Two weeks ago—which goes to show that I’m seriously slacking—I went to see three acoustic tribute acts in Harderwijk, of all places. First up was Meat Love, Frank van Zon’s acoustic Meat Loaf tribute. There are people who think this is a great act, but after witnessing him myself, I can’t say the same. Frank—a… Read more »

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