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Seen Live: Zondagochtendconcert

On September 2nd, I went to see the first Zondagochtendconcert of the freshly started cultural season in Amsterdam’s Concertgebouw. The program consisted of works of Sibelius (who I wasn’t at all familiar with) and Edvard Grieg (which were the reasons for me to go). The main draw for me was Grieg’s Piano Concerto in A… Read more »

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First Lines: Buried Fire

Trapped below a mountain, the dragon waits. Occasionally, one of his discarded thoughts creep up to the surface. And every once in awhile, somebody gets captured by one of those thoughts, and receives some of the dragon’s powers. Now, the ancient seal that keeps the dragon imprisoned is broken, and his disciples plan to awaken… Read more »


Kees van der Staaij is een flapdrol. Een week geleden raakte de Amerikaanse senator Akin in opspraak na zijn uitspraak dat je van een verkrachting niet zwanger kan raken omdat vrouwen een mechanisme hebben om de boel dan uit te schakelen. Vandaag stoot Van der Staaij zich aan dezelfde steen: Het is een feit dat… Read more »

So I Got Myself an eReader

With my new apartment, the size of my bookcase has more than doubled. Which is a good thing, because the old setup was totally overcrowded. Still, if I keep on acquiring books like I do now, it is sure to overflow again. So, despite still having some fifteen books waiting to be read, I bought… Read more »