Seen live: De Supersonische Boem!

Since I’ve been trying to see something culturalistically relevant on a stage at least once a month, I’ve noticed that January is a particularly hard month to find something for. Or at least, for me it is. There’s enough to be seen, but rarely anything that captures my imagination.

When I was feverishly looking for something for January, I came across De Supersonische Boem!—a Annie MG Schmidt and Harry Bannink tribute for the 21st century. I’m not what you’d call an Annie MG aficionado. Apart from Pluk van de Petteflet and this medley, I can’t say I’m overly familiar with her work. But the line up featured some artists I’ve been following (Tim Knol, Eefje de Visser, Roos Rebergen of Roosbeef) and at least one I should be checking out (Spinvis) and, well, sometimes you just gotta go a bit beyond your comfort zone.

Turns out: it didn’t. Not really. I had a very enjoyable evening, and the upcoming album is pretty rad as well. Highlights? “Vluchten kan niet meer”, “De laatste dans” and “Wiegeliedje” were pretty swell. Oh, and Mevrouw Tamara. Very captivating performance.

Seen live
De Supersonisch Boem! Annie MG Schmidt & Harry Bannink in de 21 eeuw on January 18, 2013 at De Kleine Komedie, Amsterdam
Set list
De twips (instrumental) / Kleine zwakke vrouw (Marike Jager) / Stroei-voei (Meindert Talma) / De oude Jacob (Alex Roeka) / Vluchten kan niet meer (Henk Koorn & Janneke Nijhuis) / Schaarste (Mevrouw Tamara) / Aan een klein meisje (Spinvis) / Flip van Duijn reads a note from Annie / Emma Dilemma (Dave von Raven) / Wiegeliedje (Eefje de Visser) / Hé hé wordt wakker (Blue Grass Boogiemen) / Aan de trapeze (Sam Valkenborgh) / Duifies, duifies (Roos Rebergen) / En toen (Tim Knol) / De laatste dans (JW Roy) // De twips (Eefje, Roos & Tamara)