Seen Live: The Gathering

The Gathering has a nasty habit of playing in Amersfoort when I’m not there, or otherwise engaged. So last friday I went all the way to Hilversum to see them for the very first time.

But first, there was the inevitable support act, Atlantis. For a change, I quite liked what they did. In fact, they made the kind of music I would probably make myself if had any talent for playing music: you put layer upon layer upon layer of repeating patterns to build a wall of noise that slowly lulls you to a hypnotic trance-like dream-state. And while I usually don’t condone three guitar players in one band, the fancy dancemoves of number three made up for a lot.

So, The Gathering. Great band. Even after Anneke left. Silje made sure that I didn’t miss her at all. Not even when they played really old stuff like β€œIn Motion #1”.

But here’s the thing: while I know their songs when I hear them, there’s a good chance I couldn’t tell you which song it is I’m hearing. Especially on the later albums. Not that it matters much: they sent me into a hypnotic, trance-like dream-state, and I just let it wash all over me. Which, let’s face it, is a quite excellent way to experience any show.

Seen live
The Gathering + Atlantis at De Vorstin in Hilversum on February 22nd, 2013
Set list
Paper Waves / Meltdown / Great Ocean Road / Heroes for Ghosts / Shot to Pieces / All You Are / Broken Glass / Souvenirs / Gemini I / In Motion #1 / No Bird Call // I Can See Four Miles