Monthly Archives: March 2013

Seen Live: a balladeer

So last thursday I saw a balladeer for the nineteenth time since 2006. This time it was just Marinus, with the help of Tim Coenen on some songs. Despite the small crowd (I counted 26), the small room (not much bigger than my living room) and the short(ish) set, I once again understood why I… Read more »

First Lines: Pirate Cinema

Cory Doctorow’s Pirate Cinema—part of the Humble eBook Bundle—is part novel, part manifesto. While it’s a story about a boy running away from home, growing up and creating an identity and place for yourself in the world, it’s also a manifest about creativity, freedom and copyright reform. The story just worked for me. On both… Read more »

First Lines: Zoo City

In Lauren Beukes’ Zoo City, part of the Humble eBook Bundle, we follow Zinzi December, a girl with a knack for finding lost things, who has a sloth on her back—just like a proverbial monkey. You see, in her version of the world, when you mess up good, you get a spirit animal to remind… Read more »

Quote of the Day: Pope

Just so you know: I’ve made a resolution not to badmouth the new pope.* It’s not as if he had much choice, Divine guidance and all that. (Of course, this does not exempt the organization he’s now head shepherd of from criticism.) Also: With all this excitement about electing the new pope, I almost totally… Read more »

Quote of the Day: Google Reader

So Google is pulling the plug on Reader. Bummer. Now I’ll have to go looking for a replacement. Whatever that will be, it won’t be an app. In the words of Web-Viking Christian Heilmann: how the hell is an app that I need to download and install on all my devices a replacement for a… Read more »