First Lines: Zoo City

In Lauren Beukes’ Zoo City, part of the Humble eBook Bundle, we follow Zinzi December, a girl with a knack for finding lost things, who has a sloth on her back—just like a proverbial monkey. You see, in her version of the world, when you mess up good, you get a spirit animal to remind you.

The plot involves Zinzi getting hired to find a lost teenybopper popstar, and then getting her into all kinds of trouble. It also includes a car snapping an entrance gate barrier “like a teenage heart.” I thought that was a good line.

Zoo City isn’t a book I would have sought out myself. Despite that, it was a good read.

Book read
Lauren Beukes — Zoo City
First line
Morning light the sulphur colour of the mine dumps seeps across Johannesburg’s skyline and sears through my window.